Meddi is committed to accompanying you on your journey to nurture and care for your skin.

To achieve holistic health, one needs to have healthy skin. And to exude confidence and radiance, one must possess youthful skin. At the heart of Meddi’s ethos is the trust and treatment efficacy reported by its clients, which fuels its continuous development and drive. Meddi strives to work alongside you in tackling stubborn and rough skin issues. Together, you and Meddi will then relish the silky touch of rejuvenated skin, a testament to the patience and diligent care invested.

When you choose Meddi, you can be fully assured of the product quality and will consistently receive the utmost attentive and considerate care throughout your skin journey.

Meddi Skin Clinic, under the expert leadership of Medical Advisor and Director, Dr. Quỳnh Trang, a dermatologist with a specialization in Internal Cosmetic Medicine from Thailand, boasts over 10 years of experience in treatment and aesthetic internal medicine. Specializing in acne treatment, melasma management, skin rejuvenation, and other pigmentation-related issues, Dr. Trang has successfully treated over 10,000 cases. Meddi Skin aspires to always be a part of your journey in nurturing and caring for your skin, always taking customer trust and treatment effectiveness as its main driving force.